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Revival of the Tibb Tradition (Whole-Person Healthcare and Medicine)

Thank you for visiting the College of Medicine and Healing Arts website. (Did you know that there are almost 2 billion websites in the world? We are very fortunate and blessed to have met today!) Embark with us on a journey that is truly special and profound - that connects us with cultures and civilisations that have come before us - connects us with our own living heritage and tradition of Unani Tibb. We trust this will be an inspiring, insightful, and educational journey for you. You are one of the few that have this opportunity, to help you access valuable treasures of self-knowledge, and unlock pathways to better health and wellbeing. You may register for our Foundation programmes to improve and enhance your own health, and help your family and friends. And if you wish to become a herbalist, naturopath, iridologist, and/or psychotherapist, you can enrol on one of our professional Diploma programmes.

Herbalist Salim Khan's Presentation At The Recent Parliament Event

On 11th February 2019, Principal M Salim Khan was invited to give a keynote presentation at Parliament Quarters (London, UK), titled 'Unani for Public Health'. The event was well attended by MPs, High Commission members from different countries, and many practitioners and supporters of traditional healthcare and medicine.

Herbalist M. Salim Khan

Principal M. Salim Khan M.D. (M.A.) M.H. D.O. is an international authority on natural medicine and especially the Unani Tibb tradition. He currently presides over three professional bodies in the area of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. During his 40-year career, he has helped thousands of patients and has taught hundreds of students.

Authentic Training and Education

The training and education provided by College of Medicine and Healing Arts is the most authentic training of Tibb, framed in traditional practices, and incorporating appropriate modern knowledge and skills.

Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine

Tibb is a tradition of health which was synthesised in the crucible of the Middle East, and integrated elements from Egypt, India, China and classical Greece. ‘Tibb’ is an Arabic word, which in different places has been referred to as Arabic, Greco-Arab, Hikmah, Unani, Islamic and Sufi medicine.


Our Diploma programmes are accredited by The Guild of Unani Tibb (TGU), leading to the award of a Professional Diploma which gives the eligibility to join TGU, and obtain a practitioner’s licence and insurance to be able to practise within the current UK legislation.

Our Programmes

Choose how you would like to begin your journey towards greater health, wellbeing, and vitality. Programmes are available at all levels and are authentically based on the Unani Tibb tradition, incorporating useful knowledge and practices from Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Free mini Course

  • Identify present-day health dangers, and learn to avoid them
  • Discover the key factors that can improve your health and wellbeing
  • Reflect and take action using the Wholesome Living Workbook

online programme

  • Become acquainted with the philosophy and cosmology of Tibb
  • Learn secrets towards perfect health - the Six Lifestyle Factors
  • Use the Life Balance Wheel to begin your own transformation
  • Discover your unique temperament (Mizaj)
  • Learn a range of healthy dishes and spice mixtures

Foundation Programme

  • Learn everything in the Life Balance & Healthy Living programme
  • Understand why there is currently a health crisis worldwide
  • Learn specific interventions regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle
  • Explore the art and science of nutrition in depth
  • Learn an important key to healing: The Healing Crisis
  • Practically prepare wholesome foods and natural remedies

Professional Diploma

  • The Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Unani Tibb) trains you to practitioner level, and allows you to practice within UK and USA law. It has periods of in-person class attendance, combined with periods of self-study, assignments, case studies, and final exams. The Diploma programme includes everything in Foundation in Natural Health, plus further modules, resources, teaching, training, assignments, clinical case studies, and exams, resulting in a professional qualification once completed satisfactorily.