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Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine in the News

"Keep Taking The Rose Petals" BBC Documentary

The practice of herbal and naturopathic medicine from wisdom-based traditions is the lost healing heritage of all of humanity.  For over four decades, herbalist M Salim Khan has added his own to the countless careers dedicated to uplifting and transforming humanity through this noble work.  His widely-recognised work in this field is recorded in this BBC documentary produced by Sue Bourne and narrated by Ed Boyle, first aired in 1985.

"Look Into My Eyes - It May Be Health Key"

“While to most people eyes convey love and hate, kindness or shiftiness – Mr. Khan sees them differently” writes Leicester Mercury’s Karam Radwan in an 11 August 1997 article for Lifespan – the health section of the newspaper.  Karam’s visit to herbalist M Salim Khan yielded thorough and accurate insights into many aspects of her health and wellbeing.  The secret is Iridology – the study of the irises of the eye in assessment of health and wellbeing.  In this article, you will learn how the eyes are not just the windows to the soul, but the whole body too.  To read the article, click on the thumbnail image once to open the full view, then double-click to zoom in.

"Your Path To A New Life"

“Tibb is the hidden treasure in the world of natural health.  As a complete, holistic system of medicine, it has been practised across vast areas of the world for thousands of years.  Even today, it is the main source of medicine in large areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Middle East.” Jane Alexander’s 30 September 1995 Daily Mail article explores what makes the herbal medicine and naturopathic lifestyle management of Tibb unique, as well as outlining simple, helpful tips for incorporating healing spices, ingredients, and daily practices to improve your health and wellbeing and prevent diseases.  To read the article, click on the thumbnail image once to open the full view, then double-click to zoom in.

"Aşk-ı Tıbbi Nebevi" - Diyanet TV

Diyanet TV is a Turkish government-owned television station.  The Diyanet Center of America in Maryland is a common venue for herbalist M Salim Khan’s Tibb herbal medicine courses which tie in very closely with Prophetic medicine.  The video description translated into English starts: “Pakistani physician Salim Khan, who works on the science of the prophetic medicine, which is based on the hadiths of our Prophet about medicine, is at the American Diyanet Center.”

Urdu Interviews with

Yasir Amin of HazroCity, in the Chhachh region in Attock, Pakistan, interviewed herbalist M Salim Khan at his clinic in Leicester, UK.  This two-part interview will be of particular interest to Urdu speakers.

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