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Alhamdulilah, it’s been really hard work, but after 3 years I am very happy to be a graduate of the College of Medicine and Healing Arts in Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine (TIBB).
This course has allowed me to transform my life in many ways, so much so, that my family and friends have also found great benefit in my learning.
For those serious about a career in traditional medicine, then this course provides the learner with the fundamentals, to not only heal oneself, but also to begin a journey of healing for others.
Our teacher, Hakim Salim has the ability to inspire and instil knowledge in a way which is traditional, yet powerful. The course content allows both practical and theoretical learning, and insists upon visible self-development and personal journaling along the way. I pray that with the continued nurturing of Hakim Salim, that I become an asset to his teachings and that my growth continues each day, as a means of benefit to our communities and the longevity of Tibb itself.
9th October 2017

Graduates of 2017

My name is Fatima and I have just completed the Diploma in Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine from the College of Medicine and Healing Arts.
Although the journey seemed long, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying this beautiful tradition of Tibb and I am sad to see my time studying with COMHA draw to a close.
I am first and foremost, highly grateful to the Hakim for allowing me to embark on my Tibb journey and giving me the confidence to pursue this journey further. His wisdom and guidance has been invaluable and his attentiveness to our own healing has been profound.
The course has not only been extremely informative but life changing to say the least. It has allowed me to truly understand how the body works in its entirety, and that its harmonious balance in all aspects is the key to health. I hope that this key will help me to help others in a world where the presence of this rich tradition is much needed.
Although there is still so much to learn and experience, I thank the Hakim for opening the door and providing me with the necessary guidance to continue further. I wish the Hakim, the students and future students tawfiq in this endeavour. I would also like to thank the staff at COMHA for making our stay and studies always that much easier.
May we uphold this tradition with the dignity and respect it deserves and allow it to bring harmony and balance in a world where disharmony and unrest is becoming that much more apparent.

Many thanks and best wishes,
8th October 2017
Dear Hakim Thank you kindly for the wonderful course in Tibb medicine. To study for the Diploma with you has been a pleasure. I'm tremendously grateful for your guidance and wisdom in teaching, directing and inspiring me in this journey I've embarked upon, the noble path of natural medicine, care and healing.
The course offered the insights and practices of Tibb Medicine. I've learned that Tibb is not only an ancient time-tested tradition of healing, but a way of life. Our modern era, full of chronic, non-communicable diseases is surely crying out for Tibb and inshaAllah the only way for it is forward. May Allah (swt) bless you and reward you for being a gracious teacher, where so many benefit from your knowledge. Best wishes
1st October 2017
Alhamdulillah, by the grace and blessings bestowed upon me by God, I can say, I passed and am now a graduate of Unani Herbal Medicine. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment we all feel. The past three years have seen me embark upon a life journey that has bought a multitude of immense change, the greatest of which, is self- discovery. I now have a deep appreciation and understand the reality of the statement, ‘To Be Yourself, You First Have to Know Yourself’

The theoretical framework of this course provided us with the knowledge of the different constitutional types, the 4 elements, the spirits, the functions and the 6 lifestyle factors, this, along with the module Physician Heal Thy Self, assisted us to re-balance and acquaint us with ourselves in a whole and fulfilling manner.
The practical components of the course, gave us hands on experience with traditional methods of grinding and preparing culinary herbs and spices. Mock up consultations under the guiding watch of the Hakim enabled us to see how clinical skills such as, pulse; tongue and face analysis, along with iridology and other observations could be used to help us reach a conclusive diagnosis of the whole person.

We are indebted to the whole team at the College of Medicine and Healing Arts, in particular, the Hakim, for his continued investment in our teaching, nurturing and guidance, moulding us into the practitioners of the future.

His wisdom and foresight gave us knowledge we could never have acquired through books, but only through sitting at the feet of people like himself. His knowledge and experience as an established physician enabled us to become better aware of legislation in present times, the disposition of a person centred practitioner, maintaining authenticity as a practitioner of Tibb, whilst finding new and innovative ways to deliver this ancient tradition of medicine.

We ask God for tawfeeq, May He make us practitioners who seek to serve people and become a means of immense healing to many. Please continue us in your prayers.

Love and Peace
9th October 2017

Weekend Event - May 2014

Our weekend event Introduction to Health & Wellbeing took place on 16th and 17th May 2014. We received lots of positive feedback from participants. They found it helped them individually, they found the content easy to understand, and thoroughly enjoyed the class activities.

"I am so pleased with the course, it has exceeded my expectations"

"Brilliant tutor! I loved the calm nature which the Hakim had led in the course and the wisdom with which he imparted the knowledge, he was able to break down complex knowledge in an easy and understanding manner"

"I loved the course, and I feel I am more connected to myself, my needs and what my challenges are. I also feel connected to others by understanding them more. I want to continue with the course programme"

"The style of delivery was very palatable, and the examples used were suitably presented, such that everybody could take and benefit from"

"Breaking down and simplifying the humours, elements and food energies, it was so easy to understand...all in two days"

"Thank you so much for running this course and offering this out to others with a humble approach"

"The tasting test activity was helpful, because we always eat but we don't think about it, and this test made me aware of what I am eating, and what the nature of the food is. Also, the human demonstration of the mizaj helped to explain that two people from the same mizaj are not always same due to different degrees."

"Class discussion was helpful in understanding unani tibb, and how we as human beings work as a whole. Lastly the books from reading list given beforehand helped me prepare for the course"

More Feedback

Here is even more of the positive feedback we receive from our students.

“Tibb truly looks at the whole person”


“Finally, a framework in which to understand information on health and a philosophy to give it context, thank you.”


“Hakim M Salim Khan is an inspirational teacher”


“An excellent course, challenging & thought provoking”


“This traditional approach truly looks at the whole person”


“The introductory course was an eye opening course that gave me a better and richer understanding of myself and those around me.  Learning about the temperaments and how to eat and live according to one’s own unique element in nature has been a great learning experience for me. Hakim breaks it down and simplifies it in a way that is beautiful to understand. It has been a big blessing to take this course and I have learned so much about myself in the process. I highly recommend others to embark on this journey in understanding natural healing and taking from the Hakim.  His wisdom and insight is inspiring and we are blessed to have a modern day Hakim like Hakim Salim” – 


We welcome feedback from our students with a view to improving what we offer and sharing what you have found beneficial with prospective students.