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College of Medicine and Healing Arts446 East Park Road, Leicester, LE5 5HH, UK


Mon: 9:30am-2:00pm
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About The College

The College of Medicine and Healing Arts (CoMHA) is registered in England and Wales as a not-for-profit College. We are based in Leicester, England, UK.  We facilitate professional in-person training programmes in the UK and worldwide. The College also provides community health education programmes in-person and online. Our underlying philosophy is one of inclusiveness, seeing unity in diversity.  The training and education provided by the College of Medicine and Healing Arts is the most authentic training of Unani Tibb, provided in traditional practices incorporating appropriate modern knowledge and skills. 

Everyone would like to enjoy perfect health throughout their life. Perfect health means complete enjoyment of all inherent vitality and clarity of mind. It is a state of total well-being and happiness. Our community health education programmes – available primarily online – are specifically designed for the prevention of modern lifestyle diseases (such as heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity), and to improve and enhance health, wellbeing, and vitality.

Our in-person professional Diploma programmes train and develop individuals to the highest level of skill and professionalism in Unani Tibb and in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM). Graduates will be able to safely, competently, and sustainably help patients in three areas. 1) Preventing modern lifestyle diseases, 2) Managing and treating patients who have modern lifestyle diseases, 3) Helping clients to improve and enhance their health and wellbeing.