Principal's Message
Special Message From Herbalist M Salim Khan

Today’s post-modern lifestyle is poisonous and unsuitable not only for our own body, mind and spirit, but is also destructive to the planet which we have been trusted to care for.

  • Chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) are increasing, killing tens of millions every year and harming hundreds of millions more.
  • Disconnect from wisdom-based tradition is causing psychological and spiritual crises, leading to a purposeless and destructive way of life.
  • Health and social care institutions are breaking down, crumbling under pressure, unable to solve the increasing burden of illnesses.

It is in this crisis that the wisdom and knowledge of Ṭibb (Whole-Person Healthcare and Medicine) allows us to return to wholeness, health, and balance.  This wisdom-based tradition of healthcare and medicine is our human heritage, a timeless tradition of naturopathy and herbal medicine.

Ṭibb is the body of knowledge and practices that deals with the state of Insan (human beings) in health and disease. Its primary purpose is to maintain health and endeavour to restore it when lost.

This naturopathic and herbal tradition, which became lost to most of humanity, is now being revived because of people like yourself seeking out this wisdom-based, connected approach to health.