Hussein's Herbal Transformation
A Story Of Powerful Personal Transformation Through Natural Healing

The 4 Keys to Health and Wellbeing (Ṭibb Transformation online programme curriculum) enabled Hussein to take control of his health and wellbeing. Here is his revealing story which will give you an idea of the benefits of the naturopathic and herbal path to health and wellbeing.

How Tibb Herbal Medicine Transformed 

My Life

By Hussein Ahmed (Leicester, UK)

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Tibb Herbal Treatment – A Life Saver for Me

I never knew Tibb (a traditional form of naturopathic medicine) would ever become a cure for me. Of course, hailing from Prophetic origins, it was in my subconscious somewhere, but I had never considered that it would change my life so thoroughly.

I was 18 and should have been vibrant and energetic at this stage of my life; however, I was far from that. I usually suffered from low energy and insomnia. With time, things started getting worse, and depression, sadness and fatigue became my companions.

I was getting more and more frustrated. Months passed by and nothing had changed. There was absolutely no improvement in my condition. If anything, it was declining.

As I started noticing my condition getting worse, I decided to bring a change to my lifestyle. I searched around and found the Herbal Practice and Institute of herbalist Salim Khan. I decided to give it a shot and, after a few days I contacted the Practice and the appointment was booked!

But before we go ahead with what happened there, let’s dive a little into what Tibb herbal treatment actually is. 

What is Tibb?

Tibb (naturopathic herbal therapy) is a method that lets the body heal itself using natural remedies while embracing several therapies, exercises, herbal medications, and nutritional counselling.

Face to Face with Herbalist Salim Khan

I cannot deny that I was very much impressed by the aura of herbalist Salim Khan. His knowledge, wisdom and dedication toward his profession truly impressed me. 

Salim Khan listened to me patiently and asked a few relevant questions. He then examined me using iridology and conducted pulse analysis. He told me that all this fatigue was due to my unhealthy lifestyle. I readily acknowledged that I was definitely sluggish when it came to my health and diet. But I was thankful that I ended up coming to the right place. Salim Khan made me realise that it was better late than never and that things might worsen if I did not take a serious note of the situation immediately.

Salim Khan also suggested I take the Tibb Herbal Transformation Course for an educated and a permanent solution to my health. 

Following this consultation as well as the information I began to gather from the course, I immediately made several changes to my lifestyle.

Gradually, things really started to change for the better. For instance, the therapy significantly helped my addictions and cravings. It brought a palpable change to the constant low energy and burnout, as well as mood swings and anxiety. I experienced a ‘holistic’ healing in the true sense of the word, as I felt much more at peace with myself. I was delighted to see a new me.

People around me began noticing the change too. My family and friends told me that they now found a much more vibrant, happy and confident person around them. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

The effectiveness of Naturopathic Medicine is proven by the results it is able to achieve. Naturopathic practitioners are educated in Alternative and Complementary Medicine, where they study non-toxic and holistic approaches. The purpose is to optimise wellness and prevent diseases.

Some of the approaches a herbal practitioner uses include the following:

  • Herbal Dietary Supplements

  • Lifestyle and Dietary Changes and Guidelines

  • Exercises/Physiotherapy

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Customised Detoxification 

  • Nutritional Therapies

Here, I would like to mention that herbalist Salim Khan is classed as one of the best Tibb Naturopathic Practitioners in the country. He adopts the above-mentioned approaches (according to the patient’s condition) and diagnoses conditions through these and prescribes natural alternatives and lifestyle changes. 

For me, Salim Khan was a teacher more than a doctor who identified my disease and acquainted me with the healing powers of nature. He taught me how his therapy helped the body to heal itself. He treated the symptoms, reached the root cause and healed me in a way I never thought was possible. 


The wonders that naturopathic medicine did to my body and the guidelines by herbalist Salim Khan changed my life completely. 

In light of my own experience, therefore, I would strongly recommend Tibb Naturopathy to all, as I believe it can treat many who have poor health like I did. 

My advice to all is, stop waiting and let the magic of Tibb Naturopathic Treatment transform your life!