Discover the timeless wisdom of Nafsiyat for today’s mental health challenges, on this unique weekend retreat...

Preventing and Managing Anxiety and Depression Through Ilm-Un-Nafsiyat (Islamic Psychotherapy)
In-person retreat with accommodation and meals | Leicestershire, UK | 15-17 Sep 2023


Event Overview

Join us for an immersive in-person retreat from Friday, 15th September to Sunday, 17th September 2023 at the beautiful countryside Markfield Conference Centre, Ratby Lane, Markfield, LE67 9SY, England, UK.

Discover the authentic tradition of Islamic Psychotherapy (Nafsiyat) within the Islamic Medicine (Tibb) healthcare tradition and explore its 9 unique principles for managing anxiety and depression.

Over the course of this rejuvenating weekend retreat, you will:

– Clarify the connections between spirit, heart, mind, body, and soul

– Learn life-enhancing techniques grounded in authentic tradition

– Develop personal lifestyle strategies using the Six Lifestyle Factors

– Gain insights into the causes and remedies for anxiety and depression

Accommodation and Meals

As part of your retreat package, you will receive…

  • Single-bedroom accommodation on-site at the Markfield Conference Centre, in a beautiful countryside setting.
  • Main meals for the duration of the retreat, vegetarian and Halal standards, with a focus on wholesome foods to support your health, plus healthy refreshments throughout.
  • Dedicated space and time in a safe and rejuvenating place, immersed in learning, discovery, and practical activities to improve your psychological wellbeing.

Meet Your Facilitators

Herbalist Salim Khan

Lead Facilitator

M. Salim Khan M.D. (M.A.) M.H. D.O. is an international authority on holistic (whole-person) medicine known especially for his person-centred, wisdom-based practice of counselling, psychotherapy, naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, and iridology. He has practised Tibb and Nafsiyat since 1978, and designs and teaches professional as well as public health education courses. This is a unique opportunity to benefit from a widely sought-after teacher.

Guest Facilitator

Ali Jan Haider has a distinguished career including strategic management and organisational design across healthcare and education. With a background in social work, adult education, and leadership consultancy, he delivers inspiring workshops and presentations, challenging audiences to actualise their best self. As chair of a leading Multi Academy Trust, he works to promote educational excellence and improve future generations’ life changes.

Guest Facilitator

Abu Shafquat, a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University, comes from a family of spiritual traditions. Having lived and worked in 12 countries, he has learned intensively from people of diverse cultures. A member of the International Association of Study of Dreams since 1988. He has successfully mentored several people to develop into leading career positions. For the past decade, he has learned under Hakim M. Salim Khan, and led teaching sessions.

Guest Facilitator

Ustaad Abdul Hafiz Qadri has a rich background in scholarship and spirituality, has dedicated himself to traditional Islamic studies, achieving an Aalimiyyah and a Masters degree. His experience in education and reform has guided numerous Islamic initiatives to reach their full potential. As a published poet, blogger, and adept in overseeing publications and translations for esteemed organisations, he brings a wealth of expertise to his endeavours.

Why Choose This Retreat

– Authentic Knowledge: Learn the wisdom of Ilm-un-Nafsiyat from a world-renowned expert, with a 45-year legacy of living, practising, and teaching this tradition.

– Immersive Experience: Spend 2 days immersed in authentic Nafsiyat concepts, practices, foods, herbs, and lifestyle.

– A Safe Space: Listen and share your experiences in a safe, respectful, and supportive environment, with no recording or live-streaming.

– Personal Growth: An opportunity for self-discovery, development, and healing.


What You Will Learn And Experience

The retreat will introduce 9 unique principles that Ilm-un-Nafsiyat offers for preventing and managing psychological imbalances, including:

  • Restoring the mind and body through cleansing and purification.
  • Better clarity, awareness, and cognition through rejuvenating the brain.
  • Recharging the whole self through a free and vast restorative source.
  • Enriching the core “life centre” that unites the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Supporting the #1 temperamental quality for psychological balance.
  • Enlivening the senses towards the joy of living, from the inside out.
  • Leveraging the deep and potent effects of the 6 key lifestyle factors.
  • Facilitating growth and healing through human relationships.
  • Connecting with a meaningful direction and life purpose.

Schedule, Fees, and Early-Bird

Summary of Schedule

Friday 15 Sep 2023 | 5:30pm-7:30pm | Registration and start of programme
• Saturday 16 Sep 2023 | 10am-6:30pm | Programme delivery and exercises.
• Sunday 17 Sep 2023 | 10am-1pm | Programme delivery and evaluation.
• Detailed schedule including specific session timings and mealtimes will be provided in your welcome pack upon registration.

Food and Accommodation

• Friday: Dinner will be provided.
• Saturday: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided.
• Sunday: Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
Single-bedroom accommodation is included for each registrant.

Fees and Early-Bird Offer

• Fees are £445 GBP (50% deposit required on registration)
Early-Bird: Register by 30 July 2023 for £50 GBP off the regular fees!


Frequently Asked Questions

Tibb is an Arabic word which in different places of the world, has been referred to as Arabic, Greco-Arab, Hikmah, Yunani, Oriental, Islamic, Prophetic, and Sufi medicine.  Some of the most illustrious names in medical tradition such as Ar-Razi of Persia, and Ibn Al-Baytar of Andalusia, Spain, are associated with the tradition of Tibb.  Maimonides of Cairo, Egypt and Ibn Sina (Avicenna) were practitioners and teachers of Tibb.  Tibb is a tradition of health whose synthesis was in the crucible of the Middle East, and integrates elements from Egypt, India, China and Classical Greece.

Today, Tibb continues to provide relief for millions of people in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, various parts of the Middle East, Africa, USA, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Unani Tibb is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a tradition of medicine.

“We have sent among you an apostle Muhammad from among yourselves, rehearsing to you Our signs and instructing you in scripture and wisdom and in new knowledge.” (Surat al-Baqarah, ayah 150)

The perspective of Hikmah (wisdom) is reflected in the institution of Nubuwwa (Prophethood) ending with the Final Nabi Muhammad ﷺ.  The principle of Tawhid (oneness and unity) permeates deep into the structures of the cosmos and human self.

Ṭibb-un-Nabawi – Prophetic Medicine is:

“A compilation and systematization of an aspect of the legacy of the Prophet in the domain of diet, health and illness complementing the legal, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the legacy he left…”

Ṭibb-un-Nabawi led to the synthesis of Tibb as a whole:

“This medicine remained distinct while interacting with the medicine which was then being learned from Greek, Persian and Indian sources, the latter process resulting in that synthesis in the hands of such masters as al-Tabarī, al-Rāzī and Ibn Sīnā…”

Ilm-un-Nafsiyat is a wisdom-based, transcendent, and time-tested discipline of psychotherapy and counselling located within the tradition of Tibb.  The knowledge and practice of Nafsiyat offers a most suitable solution towards re-balancing the inner turmoil of the human being.

The College of Medicine and Healing Arts (CoMHA) is a leading organisation for practice, research, and training in the wisdom and science of Tibb (whole-person healthcare and medicine) as well as Nafsiyat (holistic psychotherapy and counselling), established in Leicester, England.

We are an initiative dedicated to develop and synthesise traditional knowledge and forms of medicine such as Unani Tibb, Tibb-un-Nabawi, and Ilm-un-Nafsiyat, along with useful and beneficial research and innovations from Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Mohsin Health (providing consultations, natural remedies, and trusted health information), since 1978, and College of Medicine and Healing Arts (CoMHA), since 2011, are pioneers and custodians of these knowledges and skills.

The College welcomes you into its fold and we look forward to serving you as our valued learner and student. 

This weekend retreat is open to the public, and we welcome people of all backgrounds. To attend, you must be an adult (bāligh and ‘āqil). The teaching and written materials will be delivered in the English language. You must have the required travel documentation to visit the UK legally if you are from abroad.

The theoretical and practical learning outcomes for this retreat will be centred around the following traditional Tibb and Nafsiyat subjects, with a specific focus on applications to anxiety and depression:

  • Hikmah – Wisdom or philosophical foundations
  • Nafs – Psycho-spiritual constitution of the person
  • Asbab – Causes of the health and diseases of the self
  • Ilaj-bin-Nafs – Pathways for prevention and restoration
  • Umur-e-Tabiyat – Physiological constitution of the person
  • Asbab-e-Sittah-Dharuriah – Six causes of health and disease

Yes, there is plenty of parking available free of charge at the venue.

Sorry, we are not able to make any provisions for children on this retreat.

Sorry, we do not have the ability to provide scholarships or finance. If you would like to attend the retreat, however, need more time to pay the fees, you can secure your place with a deposit and pay the remaining fees later. Please contact us.

This retreat can be a helpful supplement but not a replacement for seeing a qualified healthcare professional. It is intended as an educational experience and personal development opportunity, not a clinical treatment.

You are encouraged to implement your learning for yourself. However, participation in this retreat does not allow you to practice or teach any of the materials and teachings presented. All materials are for individual use only.

Yes, this retreat can offer valuable insights into the holistic approach of Tibb and Nafsiyat. As this is a public education event and not a professional training programme, we recommend our Diploma programmes for serious students who want to qualify to practise. Find more information at

We offer Diploma programmes in both Tibb and Nafisyat. For more information on our professional Diplomas, please visit

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This retreat serves as an educational experience and personal development opportunity. It is not intended to serve as a therapy or treatment for any psychological or physical conditions. Participation in this retreat does not allow attendees to practice or teach any of the materials and teachings presented. All information and activities should be used responsibly and are not intended to replace any existing treatments. Always consult a competent healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your mental or physical health.

Contact Us

Our contact address is:
College of Medicine and Healing Arts
446 East Park Road, Leicester, LE5 5HH, United Kingdom

For any questions or clarifications, please email us at or call us on +441162738614. We are available on Mon-Thu 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-2pm.


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