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Based in Leicester, UK, we are a not-for-profit organisation set up to train individuals to be practitioners and physicians of Natural Medicine (Tibb).  We train and develop our students to the highest level of skill and professionalism that this demands. The underlying philosophy at the college is one of inclusiveness; seeing unity within diversity.

Principal Hakim M Salim Khan

As an international authority on Natural Medicine (Tibb), Hakim Salim has been practicing in clinics based in Leicester and London for over 35 years, and has been teaching Tibb for almost as long.  He is author of An Introduction to Islamic Medicine which is essential reading for those further interested in learning about Tibb or studying at CoMHA.

Authentic Training

The training provided at CoMHA is the most authentic training of Tibb, provided in authentic practices incorporating appropriate modern knowledge and skills.


Our courses are accredited by IANM (International Association of Natural Medicine), leading to the award of a Professional Diploma which gives the eligibility to join IANM, and obtain a practitioner's licence and insurance to be able to practice within the current UK legislation.


Online Community Health Education

College of Medicine and Healing Arts Online is a community health initiative to inform, educate and empower individuals, families and communities across the globe to promote their own health and to learn how to overcome disease and ill health.  Visit to enroll.


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