Introduction to Ilm-un-Nafsiyat
Islamic Psychotherapy and Counselling

Introductory Course and Immersive Retreat | 24-26 June 2022

The Need For Nafsiyat (Islamic Counselling and Psychotherapy) In Today's World

Did you know?

– Almost 1 in 4 people in England experience a mental health problem each year.

– 1 in 6 people will report experiencing a common mental health problem such as anxiety and depression.

People are increasingly experiencing mental, emotional and spiritual distress and disease. With the rapid increase of mind-boggling technologies and post-industrial lifestyles, human beings deal with relentless change, information overload, and degradation of human values and worth.

It is in this context that Ilm-un-Nafsiyāt, a wisdom-based, transcendent, and time-tested discipline located within the tradition of Ṭibb: Whole-Person Healthcare and Medicine, offers a most suitable solution towards re-balancing the inner turmoil of the human being.

This weekend retreat will provide insights into the approach, wisdom, and methodology of Nafsiyat (Islamic Psychotherapy and Counselling), a wisdom-based, transcendent, and time-tested discipline located within the tradition of Ṭibb (Whole-Person Healthcare and Medicine). This retreat is particularly suitable for:

1. Individuals who wish to reconnect with nature (Fitrah) with a summer countryside experience in a nurturing environment
2. Seekers of the wisdom-based tradition
3. Students of holistic psychotherapy and counselling
4. Practitioners seeking spiritual and holistic dimensions in their practice, and
5. For further development by those who wish to pursue careers in Nafsiyat

This 2-Day Programme Will Cover Introductory Elements Of...​

1. Contextual Framework | Contemporary psychologies and psychotherapies.

2. Hikmah – Wisdom | The philosophical foundations of Nafsiyat and Tibb.

3. Nafs – Self | The psycho-spiritual constitution of the human being.

4. Asbab | Causes of the health and diseases of the self.

5. Ilaj-bin-Nafs | Pathways to the purification and integration of the self.

6. Umur-e-Tabiyat | Physiological constitution of the human being and Mizāj temperament.

7. Asbab-e-Sittah-Dharuriah | The Six Essential Causes of health and disease.


Unique Key Benefits Of Our Authentic Nafsiyat Weekend

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1. Face to face with knowledgeable and experienced teacher, not an online video-based content delivery.

2. Integrates foundational elements of Whole Person Health and Medicine (based on the Tibb traditions, including principles of Mizaj – temperament) into psychotherapy and counselling principles, techniques and practices as a multi-dimensional approach which has very few precedents in present times.

3. Authentic, wisdom-based programme in Tibb psychotherapy and counselling, encompassing essential elements of practical spirituality which are vital to wholistic healing.

4. Delivered in an English summer countryside venue immersed in nature, inclusive of en-suite accommodation and full meals.

Facilitator: Hakim M Salim Khan M.D. (M.A.) M.H. D.O.

The College’s Principal Hakim M Salim Khan has 40+ years experience dedicated service learning, practicing, teaching, and sharing Tibb (whole-person healthcare and medicine) and Nafsiyat.  This programme is a unique opportunity to benefit in-person, directly from Hakim M Salim Khan and his rich legacy of work in practice and teaching.

Herbalist Salim Khan

Dates, Schedule, and Fees


Friday 24th June 2022 | 4pm-6pm | Registration and start of programme

Saturday 25th June 2022 | 9am-6pm | Programme delivery and exercises.

Sunday 26th June 2022 | 9am-1pm | Programme delivery and evaluation.

(More detailed schedule will be provided in your welcome pack upon enrolment.)

Fees for this 2-day programme are £495 including en-suite accommodation and full meals. FREE Book worth £15 if you register before 20th May 2022.

English Countryside Venue

In the heart of the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, Lane End Conference Centre is conveniently located near the UK’s capital London.

This peaceful and natural setting is ideally conducive to the reconnecting, rejuvenating, and holistic Introduction to Ilm-un-Nafsiyat weekend programme, featuring:

Naturally clean and green grounds to enjoy under the warm summer Sun.

Private conference hall for distraction-free immersion into live teaching and exercises.

Comfortable individual accommodation with the convenience of an en-suite bathroom.

Fully catered meals and refreshments accommodating your dietary needs.


BONUS: Register by 20 May for a FREE copy of Principal M Salim Khan’s book, An Introduction to Islamic Medicine, for you to read in preparation for the retreat!