Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Nafsiyat)

Run a safe, effective, legal, and financially sustainable counselling and psychotherapy practice based on Ilm-un-Nafsiyat within the Tibb tradition, incorporating useful knowledge and skills from contemporary research.

Why Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy?


People are increasingly experiencing mental, emotional and spiritual distress and disease. With the rapid increase of mind-boggling technologies and post-industrial lifestyles, human beings deal with relentless change, information overload, and degradation of human values and worth.

It is in this context that Ilm-un-Nafsiyat, a wisdom-based, transcendent, and time-tested discipline located within the tradition of Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare and Medicine, offers a most suitable solution towards re-balancing the inner turmoil of the human being.

Tibb is an Arabic word which literally means “nature”. It is a tradition of healthcare and medicine whose synthesis was in the crucible of the Middle East, and integrates elements from Egypt, India, China and Classical Greece.

From this perspective, true health is the result of human beings living in a state of wholeness and balance by returning to the natural order.

Curriculum, Fees, Assessment Criteria, and More...

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What Our Students Say

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45 Years of Dedicated Service

The College of Medicine and Healing Arts offers the Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Nafsiyat) programme for those who wish to practice holistic counselling and psychotherapy professionally. The training provided by the College is some of the most authentic training of Nafsiyat, provided in traditional practices incorporating appropriate modern knowledge and skills.

The College’s Principal, Hakim M Salim Khan has spent more than 45 years of dedicated service learning, practising, and teaching, the traditions of Tibb and Nafsiyat.

The Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling is a unique opportunity to benefit in-person, directly from Hakim M Salim Khan and his rich legacy of work in practice and teaching.


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