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Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb)

An Overview

Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of medicine in the world, used by people of all different cultures.  There is currently a great reawakening towards discovering again the roots of wisdom-based traditions of herbal medicine. The CoMHA Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb) is based on a synthesis of ancient Hippocratic and Near-Eastern traditions, also known as Tibb.  (What is Tibb Medicine?).  The course also incorporates beneficial modern knowledge and techniques where appropriate towards revival of the Tibb tradition.

Who Is This Programme For?

The Diploma programme is for those who wish to learn and practice an authentic and comprehensive tradition that is relevant to dealing with today's health challenges.  Classes are kept small so that each participant gets personalised attention during the facilitation.  Learners are expected to work on improvement of their own health, wellbeing and self-development as future practitioners of this noble tradition (a motto which runs throughout the course is 'physician, heal thyself').

Diploma in Tibb

Aim of the Diploma Programme

The aim of the Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb) is for the graduate to be able to run a safe, effective, legal and financially viable naturopathic and herbal practice based on the Tibb tradition, incorporating useful knowledge and skills from Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Year 1: Foundation in Natural Health

Suitable for those wanting to improve their own and their family’s health using the time-tested healing wisdoms of Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine.

•    Stage 1 – Life Balance & Healthy Living (4 days)
•    Stage 2 – Whole-Person Healing & Medicine (5 days)

Year 2: Naturopathic Physician Training

For those interested in learning traditional (Tibb) and modern (Complimentary & Alternative) skills to help their patients and clients.  This programme requires satisfactory completion of Stages 1 & 2 in Foundation in Natural Health.

•    Stage 3 – Naturopathic Physician Training & Clinical Skills (4 days)
•    Stage 4 – Therapeutics & Practice Management (5 days)
•    Stage 5 – Clinical Practice (5 days)

Year 3: Completion of the Diploma

After the satisfactory completion of Foundation in Natural Health and Naturopathic Physician Training, students may wish to continue towards completion of the professional Diploma.  Those wishing to pursue the Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb) are required to:

•    Attend all five Stages of class time.
•    Satisfactorily complete homework assignments;
•    Complete ten clinical case studies;
•    Attend a further five days for Stage 6: Review & Consolidation;
•    Pass their final exams.

Further Details

The Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of all of this in a 3-year period.  Full Assessment Criteria are available to students.

In-person sessions (Stages 1-6) are held in Spring/Summer in Leicester, UK.  The Diploma programme is also available in USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan.

The programme also requires a substantial amount of home-study.

The Diploma is accredited by IANM (International Association of Natural Medicine).  Graduates are eligible to join IANM, and obtain a practitioner's licence and insurance to be able to practice within the current UK legislation.  More details of the options for graduates can be found in FAQs.

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