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Check out our latest feedback from students of the College of Medicine & Healing Arts:

"The introductory course was an eye opening course that gave me a better and richer understanding of myself and those around me.  Learning about the temperaments and how to eat and live according to the one's own unique element in nature has been a great learning experience for me. Hakim breaks it down and simplfies it in a way that is beautiful to understand.  It has been a big blessing to take this course and I have learned so much about myself in the process.  I highly recommend others to embark on this journey in understanding natural healing and taking from the Hakim.  His wisdom and insight is inspiring and we are blessed to have a modern day Hakim like Hakim Salim"~ Student P.A

"This traditional approach truly looks at the whole person"

"An excellent course, challenging & thought provoking"

"Hakim M Salim Khan is an inspirational teacher"

"Finally, a framework in which to understand information on health and a philosophy to give it context, thank you."

"Tibb truly looks at the whole person"

We welcome feedback from our students with a view to improving what we offer and sharing what you have found beneficial with prospective students.

May Course Review

Introduction to Health & Well-being:

May Course Review

Good news! Our course 'Introduction to Health & Well-being' which took place on 16th and 17th May 2014 was a huge success.

We received lots of positive feedback from the students, which not only helped them individually, but they also found the course notes easy, understanding, and thoroughly enjoyed the class activities.

Check out the feedback below:

"I am so pleased with the course, it has exceeded my expectations"

"Brilliant tutor! I loved the calm nature which the Hakim had led in the course and the wisdom with which he imparted the knowledge, he was able to break down complex knowledge in an easy and understanding manner"

"I loved the course, and I feel I am more connected to myself, my needs and what my challenges are. I also feel connected to others by understanding them more. I want to continue with the course programme"

"The style of delivery was very palatable, and the examples used were suitably presented, such that everybody could take and benefit from"

"Breaking down and simplifying the humours, elements and food energies, it was so easy to understand...all in two days"

"Thank you so much for running this course and offering this out to others with a humble approach"

"The tasting test activity was helpful, because we always eat but we don't think about it, and this test made me aware of what I am eating, and what the nature of the food is. Also, the human demonstration of the mizaj helped to explain that two people from the same mizaj are not always same due to different degrees."

"Class discussion was helpful in understanding unani tibb, and how we as human beings work as a whole. Lastly the books from reading list given beforehand helped me prepare for the course"

We welcome feedback from our students with a view to improving what we offer and sharing what you have found beneficial with prospective students.

Event Review

Secrets of the Pulse: Event Review

By |April 29th, 2014

I’ve never been on a workshop with such a chilled teacher as Hakim M Salim Khan, but it totally suited the Sunday when this was taught. This was a hands on workshop enabling the delegate to get to grips with the basics around pulse taking, and we had plenty of chance to practise. Taking us through a brief history, setting the scene, he explained how some people say they can tell everything from the pulse, my first session was to practise finding it! I did, my partner had a pulse and fortunately a sense of humour, always a good thing during practise sessions.

Practise makes perfect and I am someone who does far better with a practical hands on learning session than a purely theoretical one, and we spent the first session learning to find the pulse and placing the fingers in the right places on the arm. Once past this initiation session, we learn how to feel for the depth of the pulse, length, and width all which apparently give you different pieces of information. A fascinating way of understanding someones health in more detail, understanding heat, moisture, and vital force of the individual. Interestingly one of the delegates got to grips very quickly with understanding the pulse she was taking, applied what she had learnt with her own knowledge and found an issue with another delegate she was practising on which was incredibly accurate. She was highly impressive, and that was only after a few hours of learning how to read the pulse. It’s very quick to get an understanding of at it’s basic level, and application in practise happened on the first day for me, giving me a whole new tool to work with.

What it did bring home to me was how little we stop and listen, and truly take time to experience in our lives balance. When I’m in practise there is always a timescale to work to, and this can prevent a true exploration of the individuals health in the depth I would like. Pulse taking, takes time, you have to be in the right place yourself to be able to take it competently, you have to be able to feel, to listen, and have the time, and this won’t be of use to practitioners who tend to work quickly and to short timescales. But then it made me consider how we should be giving people more time not just in practise but in general.


Hakim Salim teaching pulse course


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