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Foundation in Natural Health

An Overview

Foundation in Natural Health consists of two Stages:

  • Stage 1 – Life Balance & Healthy Living
  • Stage 2 – Whole-Person Healing & Medicine

Those interested are welcome to join us for both stages, or for Stage 1 only. For those wishing to pusue the Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Tibb), satisfactory completion of both Stages 1 and 2 is required.

Who Is This Programme For?

Foundation in Natural Health is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their own and their family’s health using the time-tested healing wisdoms of Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine.  This is open to all aged 18 or above, and no previous qualifications or experience is required.

The minimum entry requirement for Foundation in Natural Health is the ability to read, write and speak English.

Objectives of Stage 1 - Life Balance & Healthy Living

In this stage, learners are introduced to the Tibb whole-person approach, specifically the seven components of the human constitution – umoor-e-tabiyaat.  Learners are introduced to the Six Life-Balance Factors – asbaab-e-sittah-zururiah, and how to use them to promote their own health.

This Stage involves theory and written activities, as well as practical preparation of at least one item from the range of spice mixtures, drinks and dishes according to the recipes in Alchemy in the Kitchen – alkimia-fil-matbakh.

Objectives of Stage 2 - Whole-Person Healing & Medicine

In this stage, learners further their learning by exploring specific interventions pertaining to the Six Life-Balance Factors.  One major focus in this stage is nutrition, including Tibb nutrition and the seven critical nutritional components.

A key theme introduced in this stage is the healing crisis.  Learners are also introduced to single remedies and compound formulations, and begin developing their practical skills in safely preparing these medicines.

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