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Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (Nafsiyat)

Entry Requirements

Before embarking on the Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (Nafsiyat), you are required to attend Stages 1 and 2 of the Foundation in Natural Health Programme.  Then, we may consider your application for this Diploma programme.

Aim of this Diploma Programme

For the graduate to be able to run a safe, effective, legal, financially sustainable and professional counselling and psychotherapy practice based on Ilm-un-Nafsiyat within the Tibb tradition, incorporating useful knowledge and skills from contemporary research and practices from diverse disciplines.

Learners who begin this journey will examine contemporary confusions about the nature of knowledge, existence and reality.  The solution to this labyrinth is the paradigm of Hikmah, holistic cosmology and life affiming solutions.

Stage 3 – Counselling & Psychotherapy Training

Aim & Objectives

Students in this stage begin to develop their consciousness, approach and skills as future counsellors and psychotherapists.  They continue to develop the knowledge and skills they began to develop in Stage 2, with their now client-centred approach.

In this stage, students learn and develop the skills to conduct a client interview and take relevant case notes, as well as to professionally assess a client.  The training delivered in this stage emphasises professional considerations such as health and safety, confidentiality, record keeping and data protection.

Students gain a basic understanding of psychological faculties and energies, and learn about causes of the diseases of the self.  They begin to develop the essential qualities of a successful counsellor and psychotherapist.

They begin to transform their own inner dimensions and learn how these qualities and processes can facilitate their clients’ psychological health and wellbeing (the inner alchemy).


Client-Centred Practice

1.1       The Counsellor/Psychotherapist’s Role and      Responsibilities
1.2       Professional Considerations 
1.3       Client Care and Management
1.4       Managing the Healing Crisis
1.5       Preparing for Client Case Studies
1.6       Client-Centred Assessment

Clinical Skills

Unit     Title
2.1       The Art of History Taking
2.2       Physiognomy
2.3       The Pulse
2.4       Stools and their Diagnostic Importance
2.5       Urine Analysis
2.6       Use of Equipment in the Clinic and Pharmacy

Materia Medica

Unit     Title
3.1       Single Medicaments (Continued)
3.2       Compound Medicaments (Continued)

The Inner Alchemy

Unit     Title
4.1       Psychological Faculties and Energies
4.2       Causes of the Diseases of the Self
4.3       Qualities of a Successful Counsellor
4.4       Psychotherapist Heal Thyself


Stage 4 – Psychotherapeutics & Practice Management

Aim & Objectives

In Stage 4, students learn the protocol for maintenance of psychological health, and the protocol for treatment of psychological diseases.

Specific disease examples are explored with a view to learning how to successfully manage maintenance of psychological health and treatment of psychological diseases.

Students in this stage are informed of the basic procedures with respect to accidents and emergencies, including psychological emergencies, and to know when to refer a patient elsewhere.

In Stage 4, just like in Stage 3, professional considerations are emphasised, with a particular focus on legislation that is relevant to their practice.  In addition, students learn the main professional considerations relevant to their practice.



Unit     Title 
2.1       Introduction to Psychotherapeutics
2.2       Classifications of Psychological Diseases 
2.3       Specific Disease Examples 
2.4       Emergencies and Accidents
2.5       Death and Dying
2.6       Client-Centred Therapy
2.7       Guidelines for Good Practice
2.8       Phytopharmacy

Practice Management

Unit     Title
3.1       Legislation
3.2       Professional Considerations
3.3       Business Considerations
3.4       Resources for Good Practice

Handbook for Successful Practice Management

1. The Choice of Practice Premises
2. Health and Safety
3. Setting Up a Practice
4. Employment of Staff
5. Financial Management
6. Advertising


Stage 5 – Practice of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Aim & Objectives

This is a practical stage where students continue to develop and demonstrate the skills needed for professional, safe, effective, legal and financially sustainable counselling and psychotherapy practice.

In Stage 5, students continue to learn and demonstrate how to prepare and manage their premises and equipment, receive clients, and interview their clients.

Students are required to attend this stage which will allow them to experience various activities related to successful practice of counselling and psychotherapy.


Stage 6 – Review & Consolidation

Aim & Objectives

This stage is to review the progress of each learner, in regards to their personal development as well as their professional development.

As well as a general review, the focus is specifically on reviewing and updating students’ individual client case studies.   In this stage, students prepare to complete any remaining coursework and be ready for their exams.

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